Mr. Yousif Al-Farraj

Chairman – 2019

I would like also to thank 2018 BODs under the leadership of Mr. Jamal N. Al-Otaibi for their great efforts and achievements toward meeting the society objectives. On the meantime, I would like to welcome 2019 BODs and wish them a very successful year.

In this welcoming note, I would like to invite and encourage all members to participate actively in the society activities and programs.

The society can’t achieve its mission without challenges and I am sure the new BODs will overcome them such as,

  • – Attract more international members.
  • – Increase dinner meeting participations from major companies such
    as Aramco and SABIC.
  • – Get support from major companies and businessmen.
  • – Work with the industries to hire new fresh graduate chemists.
  • – Get new members to nominate themselves for the board positions.

Finally, I would like to extend my thanks and appreciation to our sponsors and members for their great support to our society program which allows us to meet the society‘s mission which is promoting chemistry and scientific knowledge in our areas.