Dr. Basheer Chanbasha

Dear SAICSC- ACS Members,

First of all, I would like to take this opportunity to thank all 2019-society’s board of directors for their great effort under the leadership of Yousef Al-Farraj. Last year, several activities were conducted successfully to meet the objectives of our society.

The most successful accomplishment is the successful organization of 11th CHEMINDIX-2019, which as certainly raised the bar of the standard and challenges to feature conferences.

I would like to welcome the elected 2020 board of directors, and especially, pleased to welcome newly elected board member Dr. Budoor Al Nasser and Chair-Elect Mr. Talal Ghamdi.

SAICSC-ACS provides an excellent fostering platform to share technical and scientific knowledge from a broader spectrum of intellectuals. It is the right place to connect individuals and industrial and scientific professionals.
Our society invites renowned business leaders, entrepreneurs, and leading researchers to be a speaker and part of our events. It’s my pleasure to request all of you attend monthly dinner meetings, special programs which include In-Kingdom Trip to society members and their families.

In the quest to uplift the society to even new horizons in an increasingly challenging and competitive environment in 2020, the focus will be given to areas aside from holding monthly meetings. These areas include;

Promoting women’s empowerment in Chemical Sciences though a partnership with Saudi Aramco and local universities. There will be several events are planned for this year.

  • Introduce an ACS-certification program to improve the skills of our local society members through various courses.
  • To promote leadership roles and to communicate the values of chemistry, we plan to introduce a volunteer program for our local members to support all our 2020 events.
  • We are planning to enhance our interactions with the local community by engaging schools, local industries, and universities in our activities.
  • Arranging industrial site visits to enhance the awareness of the chemistry applications and to introduce members of the society to the community

I firmly believe our members are the critical factor in the success of our society events. I want to encourage every member to attend and contribute to this year’s conference “first Gulf Chemists Association International Conference and Exhibition (GCA 2020), 8-12 November 2020 at the Gulf Hotel, Kingdom of Bahrain”.

Also, I would like to extend my thanks and appreciation to our honorary members, sponsors, and society members for their great support in achieving our mission of promoting chemistry and scientific knowledge in the community. Please feel free to send me your valuable comments and feedback to help enhance the activities of our society.

Once again, thank you all, and I wish you the best and a fruitful year 2020.


  1. Oversee all the society activities.
  2. Assure the strategy execution.
  3. Represent the society in public events.
  4. Explore any possibility of cooperation with other societies.
  5. Work with the BOD members to promote the society activities.
  6. Evaluate BOD performance.
  7. Represent Society in its conferences and events.