Mr. Jamal Al Otaibi

Membership Director


  1. Develop membership attraction strategy.
  2. Update and maintain the database for all international and local society members.
  3. Actively work on membership renewal and self printing of membership cards.
  4. Ensure to highlight prominent or all new members in the society newsletter and publications.
  5. Work with the BOD members to promote the society activities.


ACS Benefits:

  • Member-Get-A-Member (Bring a new local member and get a gift). Please contact the membership director (MEMBERSHIP@SAICSE.ACS.COM)
  • Discounts on meetings and courses.
  • Career development.
  • Professional networking.
  • Free and discounted ACS Journal articles.
  • Free SciFinder research activities.
  • Life and health insurance.
  • Participations in the society OOK trip.
  • Entitled for Board of directors’ election.
  • You can register through this link:

Local Benefits

  • Career development.
  • Professional networking.
  • Participates in society’s local events, monthly meetings and activates.
  • Develops leadership skills through volunteering in society’s teams
  • Receives the society newsletter (Organon).
  • Participates in the society local in Kingdom trip.