Community & Social Programs

In-Kingdom Trip 2018 “Memorable & Successful Event"

SAICSC-ACS organized an In-Kingdom trip to Al-Ahsa city on April 7, 2018 for the society’s members and their families. The trip was fully sponsored by the society including meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner). A total of 50 members and their families were participated in this trip and enjoyed many activities.

Al-Ahsa is an oasis rich with green spaces and water springs. It is the land of welfare, beauty, and good people. Also, it is the biggest governorate in the Eastern Province and a place of multiple historical civilizations and archeological sites. Historical sites of Al-Ahsa and many other attractive places such as Al-Qaisariyah Market, Jabal Qara, Creative Arts Center and Dates Market were visited.

The trip was well received and society’s members with their families had very enjoyable times and opportunity to interact and know each other more. It was really a great fun!

As the first Chemical Sciences Chapter of the ACS, the Saudi Arabian group pioneered the Chemical Sciences Chapter formation efforts. Since its foundation in 1988 and incorporation as a recognized affiliate in 1993, the Saudi Arabian International Chemical Sciences Chapter (SAICSC-ACS) has adopted the goals and objectives of the ACS and contributed to the same organizational purpose.


  1. Develop society social programs across the kingdom.
  2. Arrange for Out-Of-Kingdom Trip.
  3. Arrange for In-Kingdom trip.