Dr. Hind Al Johani

Webinar Director

We are living in unique times right now with COVID -19, the dynamic of businesses is changing drastically with tradeshows, conferences, and events canceled for just about everyone. However, thanks to technology, webinar meetings have evolved to become far more efficient than in-person meetings.

At SAICSC-ACS, The health and safety of both our colleagues is always our top priority. Due to all the travel restrictions, we have forced to POSTPONE all the ‘live’ events that taking place in the next few months. We’ve been developing a range a large selection of ‘Free-to-Attend’ Webinars and event a VIRTUAL CONFERENCE & EXHIBITION. So please use a look at what we have to offer you.

We have topics of interest for every chemist. Our chemistry webinars are web-based seminars describing the latest, innovative chemical technologies.

You can now develop yourself safely with our new ‘on-line’ training courses. Go ahead, dive into these diverse categories, and discover our growing archive of past webinars.

Dr. Hind Al Johani
Webinar Director

May 2020 Webinars