Mr. Abdullah Al-Ghamdi

Community & Outreach Director


  1. Enhance cooperation with Ministry of Education, KFUPM, Science Club, Local Schools etc.
  2. Arrange at least 2 local school students trip (1 for males & 1 for females) to Saudi ARAMCO/KFUPM or any other adding value chemistry organization.
  3. Work with the BOD members to promote the society activities.

2019 High School Visit to KFUPM

The Community and Outreach Program was established to coordinate all the society’s activities related to streamlining relationships with concerned organizations. The main part of these relationships is to enhancing cooperation with the Ministry of Education by arranging school visits to Saudi Aramco, KFUPM, etc in order to promote Chemistry for school students by explaining the important role of Chemistry in our life and its applications in home, industry, and transportation. This year 2019, SAICSC-ACS with the help of the Student Chapter organized a visit to KFUPM for 23 High School Students and 2 Teachers from Ibn Baz High School in Dammam. The visit was well-organized and an excellent program was delivered to enhance the Chemistry science among the students. The visit started with a tour around some of the famous areas in the KFUPM such as Research Center, library, clock tower, lake and first oil well near KFUPM.

After the tour, students have listened to a presentation in Arabic showing them the importance of Chemistry in an industry with information about most achievements in Chemistry and famous Chemists and Noble prize winners. A lab tour was conducted for the students to show them the latest analytical techniques and instruments in the Chemistry Department. At the end of the event, memorable gifts from the SAICSC-ACS were presented to the students. The students had an exciting time where they enjoyed the KFUPM tour, Chemistry presentation, and labs tour.