SAICSC-ACS participated in the Quality Assurance and Innovation Forum and Exhibition (QAIF-05) organized by SABIC at Al-Jubail Intercontinental on April 1-3, 2014. The forum was attended by around 300 people specialized in chemical science, research and development and sponsored by IMSS, Drager and Naizak. SAICSC-ACS publicized during this event for the LabTech conference which will be held on October 28-30, 2014 and also to reach more members in Jubail Industrial City.  During the event, a film and an overview about the society have been presented.

In order to promote the chemical science,  SAICSC-ACS participated in QAIF-F which was organized by Sabic.This forum was attended by 400 chemists and engineers. During this event, we shared with all participants the society activities, distributed the society publications (organon) and Arabic book titled ( Discover Chemistry Secretes).

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