SAICSC-ACS is the first ACS international chapter.


In 1988, The Saudi Arabian Chapter began its affiliation with the American Chemical Society (ACS), the largest scientific society in the world which has more than 163.000 members worldwide. In 1993 the ACS formally recognized the Saudi Chapter as the first official Chemical Sciences Chapter outside the USA.

As the first Chemical Sciences Chapter of the ACS, the Saudi Arabian group pioneered the Chemical Sciences Chapter formation efforts. Since its foundation in 1988 and incorporation as a recognized affiliate in 1993, the Saudi Arabian International Chemical Sciences Chapter (SAICSC-ACS) has adopted the goals and objectives of the ACS and contributed to the same organizational purpose.

Mission and Vision

SAICSC-ACS Vision & Mission

To be the leader in fostering chemical sciences in Saudi Arabia.

To promote the advancement of the chemical sciences and its practitioners through organizing conference.

Goals and Objectives

  • Foster the professional growth and development of chemical professionals within Saudi Arabia and the Gulf region.
  • Provide technical and social forums for local chemical professionals to meet and exchange ideas.
  • Promote awareness among students and the community-at-large of how our daily lives benefit from chemistry.
  • Foster a better understanding and escalate the attention to chemistry science.